We are driven with a superior hands on work ethic to deliver a product that exceeds expectation without compromise.

Built on reputation. For over 20 years Trinium Group have specialised in quality mixed use commercial and residential projects. Our collaborative approach with architects , clients and our specialty trades team ensures we deliver the highest standards. Its our design knowledge and interpretation of the architectural intent that makes us a leader in delivering what is anticipated by of our clients. Trinium’s in depth knowledge of traditional and new age materials is integrated into our vision to ensure long term quality whilst minimising maintenance and ensuring sustainability and environmental product safety.

Some of our signature areas of expertise are in highly specified luxury residential, specialised adaptive re use , community facilities , works in live environments , places of worship, complex logistical environments, heritage and restorations, remedial and advisory. From design and construction to comprehensive all fixed cost agreement, Trinium are driven by a commitment to excellence. Our top tier trades and management team have ensured our award winning projects have been efficiently delivered consistently exceeding all our clients expectations.

A Collaborative Approach

We have developed our individual internal methodologies and systems in order to be able to produce seamless yet highly detailed design and construction management plans. Trinium Group constantly aims to increase the level of communication between our clients, designers and relevant stakeholders. As the construction industry is shifting towards multi- disciplinary and complex level of collaborations, we constantly strive to keep our team is engaged with constant research for new and better ways to do things.

Beyond our office team, Trinium Group comprises a small group of site staff and a close-knit collection of sub-contractors who follow our project management team from project to project. By maintaining a tight relationship with our suppliers and sub-contractors, we are able to ensure timely completion and exceptional workmanship that our clients have come to know.

Our highly-skilled, passionate and diverse team understands the elements required for effective teamwork within the construction industry. Our personnel maintain a high level of performance and exercise impeccable care through all stages of our projects, imposing our positive values on every stage of the building and development process. We take an empathetic stance to the needs and sensitivities of our clients, which informs our approach to the construction process. Our work is only as good as the minds behind it, which is reflected within our team structure that upholds our company values.

Our Directors

John Mavros
(Director and Joint CEO)

John Mavros brings a wealth of expertise to the Trinium Group management board. He holds a Bachelor of Building from the University of New South Wales. John manages the construction process from start to finish while managing key stakeholder relationships. His role is vital in the construction process and he is involved in every stage beginning with the feasibility analysis and initial concept stage to the completion of the project. Having a wealth of experience in a variety of specialised projects from delivering complex projects in live environments to multi level mixed use CBD projects.

Email: johnm@triniumgroup.com
Direct : +61 412 059 360

Aris Zafirellis
(Director and Joint CEO)

Aris Zafirellis has had over 20 years of experience within the construction industry in New South Wales, completing his Bachelor of Construction Management in 1993 from the University of New South Wales. Combined with his wealth of construction experience, his passion for design through attention to details have transformed Trinium Group into a unique property group with projects across Sydney metropolitan area. Aris has a keen eye for detail, architectural interpretation & works closely with the teams to deliver quality whilst consistently exceeding all budget and program targets.

Email: arisz@triniumgruop.com
Direct : +61 414 267 274